A wonderful Harvest service!

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This morning we celebrated harvest. There was singing, poems and readings from all of the children across the school. We also received a marvellous amount of food that’ll be donated to the local food bank and fabulous flowers that are being delivered around the village to put a smile on people’s faces.

Thank you to all of our parents and carers for your kind donations!

Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork!

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What a fabulous afternoon we’ve had!

Today Year One children became creative artists! They worked outside to make their own Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork. Each child gathered their own resources, spent time placing them in patterns and then edited their work  until they were completely happy with their final piece.

Each child worked tirelessly to make their artwork the best it could be, I’m sure you’ll all agree they’ve done a fabulous job!


Who is Andy Goldsworthy?

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Today we’ve learnt about a famous artist called Andy Goldsworthy.

The children had to read the passage and, using their reading skills, answer inference questions about the artist. They needed to find the answers to some tricky questions such as: Where did Andy live when he was growing up?In which year was he born?  Where did he study art? What type of materials does he use to create his artwork? Where does Andy live now?

The children really enjoyed learning about a famous artist and are looking forward to making their own Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork on Wednesday!



The final group of habitat boxes!

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This afternoon the final group made their habitat boxes. The children created a pond habitat. They made sure they included blue to represent the water and greenery to show the trees and brushes that surround a pond.

The children used lots of different materials including googly eyes and a green pom pom to create a frog,  moss to create bushes, rocks and pebbles and we even had stickers to represent the animals which live in the pond habitat.

Don’t they all look wonderful?!

Two more groups make their habitat boxes!

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This afternoon, we carried on creating our own habitat boxes. Today’s groups made the rainforest and the desert.

We used lots of different equipment and materials to make our projects look fabulous!

The children used green, blue and yellow tissue paper, coloured pens, flowers to show what grows in the rainforest and model animals. Play dough was used to make the rocks and real leaves to create the trees.

Don’t they all look wonderful?!

Making our habitat boxes!

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This afternoon children started to create their own habitat boxes.

One group of children made a Polar habitat, whilst the other  made an ocean habitat. They used a lots of different materials including different coloured paper, tissue paper, stickers to show the different animals, colourful pipe cleaners, real sand, pom poms and much more!

They all look fabulous! I can’t wait to see what the other groups make during the rest of the week!

Who’s the poetry superstar this week?

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Every two weeks, as part of the children’s homework,  Year 1 children have to produce a poem.

This includes learning the poem at home, re-writing it in their best handwriting and decorating it with wonderful pictures. Once they return it to school we pick the best one and place it inside our poem anthology.

This week’s poetry superstar is…

Archer- his poem was well written, decorated fabulously and he was able to say the poem aloud when asked.

Well done Archer!

Fun at multi-sports!

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This afternoon we had great fun taking part in Stokesley Secondary School’s multi-sports afternoon.

It was wonderful to see all of the sports leaders help the children take part in lots of fun games and activities. These included jumping, throwing balls, balancing bean bags, relay races and much more!

A huge thank you to Stokesley School for organising it and to their fabulous sports leaders!

A new friend for Beegu!

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Today we continued reading our story of Beegu. The children thought about how lonely Beegu was feeling now she’d arrived on Earth with no family. In the story we saw how the adults walked past Beegu and ignored her. The children felt really sorry for Beegu and wanted to find her a new friend so we designed one for her!

Each child drew their own friend for Beegu. Around the outside of the picture we wrote describing words to say why they would be a great friend to her.

We came up with some fabulous reasons as to why they would be a good friend. Here are some pictures showing our wonderful friend drawings.

Making our own number line!

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Over the last few weeks we’ve been learning all about numbers. We’ve learnt how to find missing numbers, more than and less than numbers, which symbol represents more than and less than and how to order numbers up to 20.

This morning we’ve had lots of fun creating our own number line. The children had to recognise the numbers, cut out the correct number and place it in the correct order on the number line. They’ll be able to use their number lines to help them with their learning in maths!


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