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A new friend for Beegu!

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Today we continued reading our story of Beegu. The children thought about how lonely Beegu was feeling now she’d arrived on Earth with no family. In the story we saw how the adults walked past Beegu and ignored her. The children felt really sorry for Beegu and wanted to find her a new friend so we designed one for her!

Each child drew their own friend for Beegu. Around the outside of the picture we wrote describing words to say why they would be a great friend to her.

We came up with some fabulous reasons as to why they would be a good friend. Here are some pictures showing our wonderful friend drawings.

Making our own number line!

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Over the last few weeks we’ve been learning all about numbers. We’ve learnt how to find missing numbers, more than and less than numbers, which symbol represents more than and less than and how to order numbers up to 20.

This morning we’ve had lots of fun creating our own number line. The children had to recognise the numbers, cut out the correct number and place it in the correct order on the number line. They’ll be able to use their number lines to help them with their learning in maths!

What is our outdoor learning habitat like?

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We have been looking at lots of different animal habitats as part of our topic.

Today we decided that we would look at our outdoor learning habitat. We know it is looking a little bit old and worn out so we are thinking of ways to make it look like new again!

The children went outside to take a look around and think about new ways to improve their learning in the outside area.

Emily T: ” We should scrub the benches clean and paint them because they are rusty and looking old.”

Emilie K: “We need some new drawers then we can keep all the toys near the sand and water area.”

Tyler D: “I was thinking it would be nice to have a play house that could have a white board and pens to help us learning our sounds and get better at our writing.”

Sadie: “We need a better reading area. I would like lots of interesting books outside and somewhere comfortable to sit and read.”

Archer: “We could grow new flowers to help the insects and grow vegetables for us to eat.”

The children all thought of brilliant ideas that could improve our outdoor learning habitat. We drew pictures and labelled our wishes for the outdoor area.

If any mums, dads, grandmas, granddads, keen gardeners and painters fancy helping improve our outdoor  area please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you.

What are the different types of habitats?

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Today we’ve had fun working collaboratively with our learning partners to make notes on three different types of habitats.

First, we talked about what we thought a habitat is. The children agreed it is where animals live and that they can be very different.

Next, we watched a clip all about a polar habitat. Together we wrote down all the things that made it a polar habitat – it’s cold, snowy, polar bears live there, there’s lots of white snow and there are no trees or flowers.

After that, we watched clips and found out about three other habitats, pond, rain forest and ocean. The children worked together to make lots of notes which will help them next week when they produce their own habitat in a box!

Having fun with musical instruments!

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Today we continued learning and performing the song ‘Hey you!’  from the music scheme Charanga.

We’re getting really good at singing and rapping and so now we’ve begun learning how to play the glockenspiel!

Together with our learning partners we had lots of fun and made lots of noise!

We enjoy brushing our teeth at school!

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Look at us having fun brushing our teeth at school!

As a school we are taking part in the North Yorkshire and York Salaried Primary Care Dental Services scheme to  improve children’s oral health by increasing exposure to fluoride and improving behavioural and self-care skills at home.

This enables children to brush their teeth twice a day at home but also once at school. All the children have their own colourful tooth brushes waiting on board the tooth brush buses ready to be used.

The children are always really excited and eager to get brushing!

What do animals eat?

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Today we have learnt all about the different types of food animals like to eat.

Did you know that some animals are herbivores, some are carnivores and others are omnivores?

A herbivore likes to eat grass, nuts, leaves, carrots and fruits.

A carnivore likes to eat fish, chicken, human beings and beef.

A omnivore likes to eat a little bit of everything.

I asked the children if they could name an animal that belonged to each of the groups.

Jack said, ‘Sharks belong to the carnivore group.’

Kaitlin said, ‘A Zebra belongs to the herbivore group.’

Emily T said, ‘People belong to the omnivore group.’

Were they right? What do you think?

Can you think of some more animals and find out which group they belong to?


Physical and human features!

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Today we’ve learnt all about human and physical features. These are geographic characteristics in the world around us.

We now know that physical characteristics describe the natural environment of the place and include landforms and bodies of water.

Human characteristics describe the modifications people have made to the land. They include: buildings, bridges, tunnels, railroad tracks and dams.

As part of our task we had to sort pictures into two groups, making sure we put the correct picture under the correct heading. Take a look at us working really hard!

Ask your child to identify some physical and human features in the world – they’ll amaze you with their knowledge!

Living and non-living things!

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Today in our topic lesson we have learnt all about living and non- living things.

We now know that living things move, eat and drink, breathe and grow. Non-living things don’t do any of these things.

We sorted pictures into two different groups: living and non-living.

Samuel said, ‘A cat is a living creature.’

Emily T said, ‘People are living things because they move and breathe.’

Tyler D said, ‘A shoe is a non-living thing because it doesn’t move, it doesn’t breathe and it doesn’t eat.’

Here are some pictures of us doing our fabulous learning!

Solving problems in maths!

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Today we had lots of fun solving number problems in maths. As we have been learning how to count forwards and backwards on a number line, we put our newly found skills to the test!

First, we were given the number sequence  6, 7,8,9 and 10. We had to decide if the sequence was counting forwards or backwards. Once we had decided upon our answer we had to give a reason for it. We knew the sequence was counting forwards and we knew we were correct because the numbers were getting bigger. That was too easy! We needed a challenge!

Next, we had to find missing numbers on a number line and say which numbers were missing.

Finally, we discussed this:

Pete is counting forwards. He said, “The number 6 comes after 8.” We had to decide if he was correct.

We decided he wasn’t, because number 6 comes before number 8.

Max said “Pete could only be correct if he was counting backwards.”