How do you use a compass?

Posted on Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 at 7:06 pm

This afternoon, we have learnt how to use a compass. As a class we looked at the different points of the compass, these being North, East, South and West. We used our arms and pretended we were the compass points, pointing to different positions within the classroom.

After that, we put our new skills to the test and used a compass to locate places on a map. We had to read the instructions carefully, find the starting position on the map, make sure we knew which direction we would move in and how many steps we had to take. Finally, we arrived at a new destination on the map.

As a challenge we then had to write some directions for our learning partner to follow. We had to remember to tell them all the important information such as; where to start, how many steps they had to travel and in which direction they could move.

Have a look at the map. Can you write your own directional instructions for  a friend to follow? Don’t forget to give them all the important information!!


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One Response to “How do you use a compass?”

  1. Mrs Channing says:

    This looks like a fun lesson! When do you think you would need to use a compass?

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