Learning facts about Captain James Cook!

Posted on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 at 2:45 pm

Today we have been learning lots of exciting facts all about Captain Cook.

We read the facts together, talking about new vocabulary and what the interesting information meant.


During our information gathering we learnt that…

He wore a uniform because he was part of the Navy ~ Paloma

He visited Australia and he saw a kangaroo ~ Mia

He got killed on the Hawaiian Islands ~ Riley

He sailed a wooden boat and they had lots of large sails to help it glide on the water ~ Daniel M

When he was in Australia 30 of his men died. They were bitten by mosquitoes and  caught malaria ~ Jack

I found out that his father was a farmer not a sailor ~ Emily T

He became a merchant seaman at the age of 18 ~ Sadie

We are already looking forward to learning more about Captain James Cook, including the dates of his adventures, what other countries he discovered and why his exploration is important to our history.

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  1. Mrs Channing says:

    You’ve discovered lots of important facts – well done!

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