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Comparing Great Ayton with Cooktown in Australia!

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Today the children looked at two different towns in the world – Great Ayton in the United Kingdom and Cooktown in Australia.

We learnt lots of facts about both towns and the children soon realised that there were many similarities and some differences between the two places.

These included:

  • Both towns have a Captain Cook Statue. Great Ayton’s statue shows him as a young boy and Cooktown’s shows him as an adult.
  • Both towns have rivers running through them, although the one in Cooktown is called the Endeavour.
  • Both towns have hotels, one called ‘The lions Den’ and one called ‘The Royal Oak’
  • Both towns have Captain Cook museums
  • The population of the towns are different. Cooktown has a population of 2,000, where as Great Ayton has a population of 4,629.
  • In Cooktown they mine for quartz rock but they don’t do this in Great Ayton.
  • Cooktown only has two seasons-  the dry season between May to November and the wet season between December to April.

We all had a great afternoon learning new facts about different places around the world.

Captain Cook’s first adventure!

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Today, we looked at the map showing the route that Captain Cook took on his first journey around the world.

He sailed around the world visiting different ports. These included Tahiti, New Zealand, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro  and Cape Horn.

We had to locate these ports on a map and then drew the route that Captain Cook took. We noticed that the route was wiggly and not in a straight line. Captain Cook must have had a difficult time finding all these new places and then plotting his own map.

Kaitlin said, “I wonder if he took small animals from the places he visited?”

Daniel Mc said, “I wonder if he felt sad when he left the places he visited?”

Harry said, “He collected different plants so that he could show them to the scientists when he returned to England.”


Where did Captain Cook visit in Australia?

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Today we looked at what happened to Captain Cook and his crew once they arrived in Australia . He first visited Botany Bay where he collected samples of the different leaves and insects. Next, he traveled up the coast where the bottom of his ship got damaged on the coral .

Once his ship was damaged he knew he had to repair it. So, he took the boat and his crew into a small port where the ship was fixed. Whilst he was there 30 of his crew were bitten by blood thirsty mosquitoes and died of malaria. Many years later the small port was named after Captain James Cook, they called it Cooktown.

We posed the question- “How might the men feel once they arrived in Australia and Cooktown”

Jack ” I think the men would be worried in Cooktown because the boat was damaged”

Sadie said” The men couldn’t get back home because the boat was broken”

Emily T said ” When the crew met the Aboriginals they would be very scared of them because they’ve never seen each other before”

Paloma said ” They would be scared of the Aboriginals because they  had their faces painted and it would have looked very strange to Captain Cooks crew”

Kaitlin said ” They would feel very worried because it was a very different place”

Daniel Mc said” Captain Cook would be upset because his boat was damaged”


Where are the oceans of the World?

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Today, we used our  map skills to find different oceans around the world. We had to search a map and locate the ocean, then find it on our blank map.

As a class we talked about the hot and cold oceans, where two oceans meet and which oceans Captain Cook sailed upon during his first adventure.

Finally, we located Australia on the map. We noticed that it is at the bottom of the world and a long distance from the United Kingdom. This made us think that Captain Cook’s journey must have taken many weeks and that it must have been a difficult journey to take!



Captain James Cook timeline!

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Today the children worked alongside their learning partners and the children from year 2 to create a Captain Cook timeline.

The children had to read the information and the date on the paper, decide together where it would fit within the timeline and place the dates in the correct order.

The children worked together wonderfully, there was lots of discussion taking place and lots of sharing of ideas.

Well done everyone, great team work!

Learning facts about Captain James Cook!

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Today we have been learning lots of exciting facts all about Captain Cook.

We read the facts together, talking about new vocabulary and what the interesting information meant.


During our information gathering we learnt that…

He wore a uniform because he was part of the Navy ~ Paloma

He visited Australia and he saw a kangaroo ~ Mia

He got killed on the Hawaiian Islands ~ Riley

He sailed a wooden boat and they had lots of large sails to help it glide on the water ~ Daniel M

When he was in Australia 30 of his men died. They were bitten by mosquitoes and  caught malaria ~ Jack

I found out that his father was a farmer not a sailor ~ Emily T

He became a merchant seaman at the age of 18 ~ Sadie

We are already looking forward to learning more about Captain James Cook, including the dates of his adventures, what other countries he discovered and why his exploration is important to our history.

Merry Christmas!

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This morning we celebrated our Christmas carol service at Christ church. The children sang beautifully and made everyone feel incredibly festive.

I would like to wish  you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!

Enjoy the holidays and the well deserved rest!

Merry Christmas!


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A delicious Christmas lunch!!

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This lunchtime we were treated to a delicious Christmas dinner, made by our fabulous kitchen staff. The children really enjoyed the tasty turkey, scrumptious sausages and delectable roast potatoes.

A huge thank you to everyone in the kitchen and to all our dinner ladies!!

Christmas dinner was truly great!!

Christmas party!

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Today, we had a fabulous afternoon where we had our Christmas party.

The children enjoyed playing different party games, dancing with their friends, eating lots of delicious party food and getting a very special visit from Santa!

The Christmas story!

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Today the children really enjoyed listening to the Christmas story. We retold the story of Jesus’ birth, finding out in which order the Angel Gabrielle visited the shepherds and the wise men, who king Herod was and why he disliked Jesus and why Joseph took Mary and Jesus to Egypt.

The children had to order the pictures from the story on large sheets of paper ready for them to write the story tomorrow!