One snowy night

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The children had a fabulous day taking part in the ‘One Snowy Night’ adventure day at the Danby moor center. They worked together to follow the clues and found lots of hidden animals around the grounds. We had to pull a sleigh and carry the animals to warm yurt, where we had hot chocolate and read a story.

In the afternoon we enjoyed learning interesting facts about the animals, touching them and finding out where they lived.

The children all had a wonderful time, take a look at the photos below and see what fun we had!

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Christmas has arrived in Year 1. The children really enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree, putting up the tinsel and organising the Christmas village.

I think you’ll all agree the children have done a fabulous job of the tree!

What are co-ordinates and how do we use them?

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Today we used a map to find Cutthroat Bill’s hidden treasure. He had written a map with grid references in order for us to use them to solve the code.

We had to find the letters on top of the map, then the numbers down the side, move our fingers together until they touched, this told us where we standing and what one of the letters would be for the hidden code.

We had lots of fun working out cutthroat Bill’s code, I wonder if any of the children can remember where the treasure was hidden?

Can you use the map and the grid references to find different locations?



How do you use a compass?

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This afternoon, we have learnt how to use a compass. As a class we looked at the different points of the compass, these being North, East, South and West. We used our arms and pretended we were the compass points, pointing to different positions within the classroom.

After that, we put our new skills to the test and used a compass to locate places on a map. We had to read the instructions carefully, find the starting position on the map, make sure we knew which direction we would move in and how many steps we had to take. Finally, we arrived at a new destination on the map.

As a challenge we then had to write some directions for our learning partner to follow. We had to remember to tell them all the important information such as; where to start, how many steps they had to travel and in which direction they could move.

Have a look at the map. Can you write your own directional instructions for  a friend to follow? Don’t forget to give them all the important information!!


Children in Need!

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Today we all dressed in our Pudsey T-shirts and wore Pudsey ears to raise lots of money for Children in Need!

We had great fun taking part in exciting activities, such as: money miles, a funny walk around school, dance on a spot and how many pennies can we fit on Pudsey?

The children had a fabulous time and as a school we’ve raised lots of money for a wonderful charity.

Well done everyone!!


What is an aerial image?

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Today we developed our geographical vocabulary and learnt all about aerial images.

We found that aerial images are taken high above the clouds and are pictures of the land, buildings and rivers below. When we looked at the images we thought how much it looked like we were birds flying high over the fields looking down on everything. The children discussed how it made everything look small and how you can only see the tops of buildings below.

We used the aerial maps to locate different human and physical features. We used a key to help us with the words and to support us with our understanding of which things are human and which are physical.

All of the children were able to look closely at the map and had fun working out which building could be a church, which aerial image had the harbour on it and which showed where the rivers and beaches were!

Safety online!

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Today we continued our learning all about staying safe when online. We talked about what information we should keep private when using the internet.

The children watched a clip from Hector’s world and thought about what information Mr Crab tried to send around the world and why this was a bad idea. All the children agreed you should never give anyone online your personal details such as: your name, address, school name, telephone number or email address.

Then, we discussed what we should do if we were worried about something we had seen or heard when working or playing online. The children decided that at home they would tell their parents straight away and at school they would tell the teacher or use Hector, which would cover the screen until an adult came along to solve the problem.

I was very proud of all the children’s answers as they thought very hard about such a grown up topic!

If you would like to watch the Hector’s world clips at home and discuss this further with your child, please follow the link below….

We will remember!

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We have been thinking about why we wear poppies at this time of year. We have learnt that poppies are really important because they help us remember the people who have died in wars. We wear poppies because these flowers grew on the battlefields and are a symbol of remembrance.

On the 11th November we will all wear our poppies and remember all those lost in battle.

Staying safe online!

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Today we have been discussing how to stay safe online. We worked together to think about ways we use the internet at home and school.

The children thought of some great ideas:

Paloma: “We use the internet to find out facts and information.”

Riley: “You can find out what things look like and then you’ll be able to draw them correctly.”

Sadie: “I use it to find real life pictures and to print them off.”

Jack: “I can watch YouTube on the internet.”

Tyler D: “I play Reading Eggs on the internet, it’s really good and helps me to get better at reading.”

Miss Burley then asked a question – “How do adults try to keep us safe on the internet?”

This is what the children thought:

William: “The adults are trying to keep us safe from scary things like films and bad clips.”

Kaitlin: “We don’t want to see naughty words so you need to tell an adult and they will get rid of it.”

Honey-Leigh: “At school we could use Hector. You click on him and then it covers the screen, that’ll keep us safe.”


Story map!

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Today we used our organisational skills to sequence the story of ‘Beegu’ The children retold the story to their learning partner as they ordered the pictures from the book.

It was wonderful to hear the children talking about how ‘Beegu’ was feeling during different parts of the story, how the illustrator has used the different colours on the pictures and how the children used the vocabulary from the text to retell the story.